Wine For Special Occasions

Weddings, Reunions, Anniversarys, Any Large Event

We can Help!!!!

Whether it is a wedding,or any other big get together we can help you with your beverages for the event. From wine to beer,cider and coolers. Sparkling wine too! For weddings don’t just think the main wedding event. (some venues won’t allow you to bring your own  wine).

There are so many other activities around a wedding you can make your beverages for,like the batchelor and batchelorett parties, showers,gift opening brunch, rehearsal dinner, something to sip onwhile  getting ready for the big event for the bride and groom and their parties. By making your wine for these activities you can save a lot of $$$’s

Unsure of the amount to make and what variety ? , Thats were we come in. Depending on your #’s and the different uses we will guide you through the whole proccess. From type of wine, labels to arranging your bottling with just yourselves or with some of your wedding party.We will make it effortless and fun.

For all Special Occasions we offer you a 10% OFF the first 3 kits and any over 3 kits we give you 15%OFF!!

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